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  • Take pictures of your store receipts and upload them to FlashReceipts
  • Keep track of and forecast your expenses, make shopping lists and find the best prices...

    ...staying away from your keyboard!

"Personal finances? Oh, no ... It's so boring and tedious. And I still can't get a clue on where my money is going..."

These times are gone! Now personal budgeting is fun and easy!

All you need to do is take a picture of your sales receipt and upload it to FlashReceipts.com. Our smart algorithms will "crunch" the receipt, get all the prices and item names and insert them into the right positions within your budget.

No more pain trying to remember which store you should go to and what you should buy there. FlashReceipts has all this already. Just choose the items needed to be bought and print out your new shopping list.

And you get all these and many other benefits virtually without even touching the keyboard. FlashReceipts takes personal finances to а higher level!